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My Poem on Narmada River



पिता के कलम से

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Reading the Tree of Languages

Interesting Links to know the Indo-European language :

Stats of Indian Languages

An apology to my readers not giving any fresh content purely written by me but I found this statistics which was quite interesting. I thought lets share this fact with my readers too.
Language Counts on Ethnologue
The number of individual languages listed for India is 461. Of these, 447 are living and 14 are extinct. Of the living languages, 63 are institutional, 130 are developing, 187 are vigorous, 54 are in trouble, and 13 are dying.
The List of Indian languages includes state level:
  • Sanskrit
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Gujarati– Language of Gujarat and Union Territories of Dadar and Nagar Haveli
  • Punjabi– The official language of Punjab
  • Bengali-The state language of West Bengal
  • Assamese– Official language of Assam
  • Dogri, Urdu– The language of Jammu and Kashmir
  • Oriya– The state language of state of Orissa
  • Marathi– Language of Maharashtra
  • Kannada– The official language of Karnataka
  • Tamil– The state language of Tamil Nadu
  • Telugu– It is the official language of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Malayalam– It is the official language of Kerala
  • Sindhi
  • Konkani– The state language of Goa
  • Manipuri– The official language of Manipur
  • Khasi– The official language of Meghalaya
  • Mizo– The official language of Mizoram
  • Lotha– The official language of Nagaland
There are many regional languages and each regional languages change in accent each 100 to-200 km of that region it self
Some Indian languages are not widely spoken; they are given the status of minority languages. Mahl and Portuguese languages come under this category.
While people in India presently speak in 780 different languages, the country has lost nearly 250 languages in the last 50 years, an expert said here Tuesday.

Please Save dying languages

All my life I was so fascinated about language. Every time I hear any language I just get lost in their beauty shown in art. It is like a painting created by group of people. The artists created it and we are nurturing it for centuries. The more I go in depth of this I mistry of it attracts me more. I cannot speak many languages but I love reading the growth chart of any language on planet earth.

I am hearing a long time conversation on language issue especially in India. All over the world there are around three thousand spoken languages. Every time an old women is going in grave yard one old language is getting buried with her. But I am not hearing any fight about it, cities are not burning for fighting on language.

Yes there are people around the globe who want to protect those dying languages; they are sophistically spreading the Idea to protect the language as much as they can. Protection of language is like protecting the eco system. Because language is really one of a beautiful invocation of human kind, any language around the world is beauty of that society which got the shape during a course of time.  Everyone who belongs to that society had full right to protect and nurture it. No one has right to disrespect or decline the value of that precious gem.

I believe burning the society on language issue is not fare. Everyone in the planet, who so ever can come forward should come and try to protect every gem of language. Let me ask a question if any precious stone is found another part of the globe we never refuse that gem because it is not found on my mother land. We still accept that stone, if can’t buy at least we accept the value of that stone. Why not we can do the same thing for language?

Urging people to come forward to protect your language and protect every other language as well. Respect every language it is the creation of human kind. It is not created by a single human or any politician. If you cannot protect it at least you can avoid in killing it.

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My love for language.



Language – Snaskrit as Language is in Danger

We are highly religious we chant in Sanskrit we follow holy books in Sanskrit widely, but no one understand the actual meaning because most of us don’t understand Sanskrit as language. Young generation in India is not ready to learn Sanskrit. People who wants to keep this ancient language alive for any reason, say religious or love for language is not ready to stand up for it and speak on it.
I urged people to stand up for your believe. Politicians are trying to suffocate this thought in your head. They are using their power to create a tension on Language. Oh for GOD shake stop it.
We need the beauty of this language to be nurtured. Please tender it if you really want to save this beautiful thing. Else it will be too late to repaint on it. Like other ancient language we will loose this beauty with one another old lady in grave yard.

Changes starts from me


I was watching a video today and he mentioned make your thinking visible to you. It is a hard philosophical conversation for me. There are many differences in people mind set. But it is so important for all of us to understand that before we start talking on others mind set, we should elaborate our mind. Stability of thought is very important. The day we start detailing about our mind conversation critical to our conversation took place on day dream table; we will start understanding ourselves in a better way.

The better understanding about ourselves will give us better understanding about others. Society will remain the same nothing will change outside until it starts from me.Social evaluation can be pushed secondary that can wait, primary factor is changes starts from me. Because my learning, from my life experience says that change defiantly starts from within.